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Upbeat live alt funky pop

Preview image for Luke Cyrus Hunter Band video

Luke Cyrus Hunter has worked, and travelled as a professional musician- performing, recording, touring, and teaching music for over a decade.    And now he has is very own solo album “Re-new

Luke is a Canadian born Alternative Funky Pop artist from Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, who combines vintage and modern keyboard sounds from the 70’s, 80’s and today with groovy, live drum beats, rhythmic electric guitar, and a unique, full, rich voice. He is releasing his debut solo album “Re-new” September 19, 2017 after an extended break from writing and recording music due to health concerns. Much of the music was written and performed by Luke Cyrus Hunter, with the help of Wayne Bond on drums, and percussion. Only two of the album tracks have a guest musician on bass, and guitar, and the final track has a guest trombone player.

RE-NEW” is an album focused on live playing, and music that is groove oriented with upbeat tempos and interesting rhythms. The songs are fun, danceable, sometimes quirky and funny, AND they combine different styles of music in a unique way. One can hear elements of R and B, funk, jazz, soul, and rock, and psychedelic in the music.