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Milky Whites has a compilation of emotionally charged “progressive blues” tunes that will tug at your heart strings…aggressive guitar licks, punchy keyboards, sexy sax, assorted vocal styles, heavy lyrics and unusual percussion. Each song has a distinct style and the listener will find themselves “engaged” with the songwriter’s “journey through life” expressed through song.Song styles are influenced by the music of Eric Clapton, BB King, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughn.MILKY IS ABOUT TO RELEASE A NEW “SINGLE/VIDEO” AND THIS YEAR (2016) A NEW LP CD ENTITLED “TEXAS DRIVIN’ BLUES”!!!

They have had performances at venues such as: Monarchs Pub (Delta Chelsea Hotel, Toronto), Riverside Park (Guelph), Hugh's Room (Toronto), Barrie Music Festival, The Opera House (Toronto) and The Mod Club (Toronto). Milky Whites has performed at many other venues with previous bands throughout Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.