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Musician, Engineer, Producer

Piano // Keyboards // Vocals // Guitar // Drums // Bass // Percussion // Programming // Tracking // Mixing

Brandon Fehderau is a multi-instrumentalist, music creator and performer, in multiple genres. Originality, innovation, musicianship and open-mindedness are some of the qualities that characterize Brandon’s music and describe his faculty. Formally trained in piano from a young age, his passion for musical and creative greatness was developed early, and continues to be the fundamental principle in all of his endeavours. Brandon completed his Bachelor of Music (BMus) at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, close to where he was born and raised in southern Ontario. He recently spent some time in Nashville, Tennessee, attending The Blackbird Academy (at the world-famous Blackbird Studios), and pursuing various musical interests. With seventeen years of classical piano experience and a lifetime of vocal experience as a strong musical foundation, Brandon has practiced the necessary principles allowing him to achieve exceptional proficiency in drums and percussion, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and synths and keyboards. Constantly striving to maintain well roundedness and relevance, he has extensively exercised many genres of music including rock, pop, jazz, funk, alternative, electronic, R&B, and multiple fields of world music. Practical application of these many concepts encourages creative ideas in all of Brandon’s music.